Serving inspired ideas sumptuous food & memorable occasions.

The Key Ingredients

As Singaporeans, Chinese, and Peranakans, food has always been our chief passion. And passion, indeed, is a chief ingredient, above Otah, Sambal Chilli, Assam and Curry.

Our founders, Lee Wee, Ben and Mark grew up surrounded by food. Our big family gathers once a week for an authentic Nonya feast, a spread consisting of mouth-wateringly scrumptious cuisine. We would invite you there, surely, but with 20 family members already present (and growing), there’s hardly any room for guests!

So we devised a plan to share our delectable family flavours with the masses.

Our humble beginnings

We set up a stall along Old Airport Road, and at that stall, our mother imparted to us the family heritage recipes.

Our mark

Our youngest brother Mark invented our iconic giant aluminium Otah signboard which was first displayed at Old Airport Road outlet. It was handcrafted and painted together with second brother Ben, something which left a deep impression on our customers today.

Our recipes

Our second brother Ben and youngest brother Mark set about immediately to gain tutelage in cooking from our mother, and apply those techniques to food familiar to Singaporeans: Otah, Nasi Lemak and Curry.

Our process

We set up default division of labour where Lee Wee found the best quality ingredients and suppliers, whilst Ben, Mark and wife Angeline managed operations and sales. Up to today, we are still personally sourcing for ingredients, to ensure only the best quality for our customers and clients.