About Us

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About Us

Lee Wee & Brothers is a culinary mainstay in our melting pot of cuisines and cultures in Singapore. Founded in year 2000, it has since become a household brand known to many. 





As Singaporeans, food has always been our chief passion and our nation’s past-time. And passion, indeed, is what drives us at Lee Wee & Brothers’ to continue plating iconic mouth-watering local delights for our valued customers.

We (Lee Wee, Ben, Mark and Angeline) grew up surrounded by food. Our big family gathers once a week for a feast, a spread consisting of scrumptious and heart-warming local food fare. We would invite you there, surely, but with so many family members already present (and growing), there’s hardly any room for guests!

So, we devised a plan to share our delectable family flavours with the masses.



We set up our first stall along Old Airport Road, and at that stall, our mother imparted the family heritage recipes to us.

Our youngest brother Mark invented our iconic giant aluminium Otah signboard which was first displayed at Old Airport Road outlet. It was handcrafted together with second brother Ben, something which had left a fond impression on our customers up till today.



Ben and Mark gained culinary tutelage from our mother to master the traditional techniques of “rempah-making”, “pangang”, as well as her iconic recipes so as to share our local delights such as Otah, Nasi Lemak and Curry Chicken with our customers.



Lee Wee is in charge of purveying ingredients and suppliers of the highest quality, whilst Ben, Mark and wife Angeline manages operations and sales. Up to today, we are still personally sourcing ingredients, to ensure only the best quality and freshness for our customers and clients. 


The Lee Wee Difference

Here at Lee Wee & Brothers’, our two main tenets of food preparation have helped us provide only the best local fare to our customers.



We are committed to delivering only the freshest food to our customers. To ensure that, we procure and use only 100% natural ingredients bought directly from green grocers and farms, to be sure to bring you the best. We also prepare our dishes the same day we deliver the food to your doorstep so you will always be served the freshest food.



All our recipes are a reflection of our family’s heritage and showcases our unique flavour. Even our ingredients, like our Assam sauce and chilli pastes, are meticulously prepared from scratch. Each new recipe also undergoes multiple rounds of taste tests and reviews before it leaves the home kitchen. Today, we have close to 100 different product offerings suitable for various palate or occasion, and it is ever growing.


Our Philosophy



The kitchen is the heart of our business; where chefs are dedicated to preparing your orders and our food undergoes daily taste tests and checks to ensure consistency of taste in our products.


food safety and hygiene is our priority

For our kitchens to be operating efficiently, we have committed to equipping all our staff with the critical knowledge of food safety and hygiene. Our kitchen and delivery vehicles are sanitised and undergo stringent daily audits by our Quality Assurance team. Additionally, all our staff are required to be in proper food preparation gear: hair nets, face masks and gloves while preparing food and are certified in Basic Food Hygiene. We also set-in place ISO 9000 and ISO 22000 accredited food safety and quality management systems to close up potential lapses in our food preparation. This way, with our safety protocols and frameworks, we can ensure our customers will stay healthy and happy when enjoying our food.



Like our kitchens, outlets are inspected for their quality as well. Our staff undergoes proper customer service training at our headquarters before they are designated to their outlet positions. We do our utmost to attend to your needs and strive to ensure you are delighted with our service.